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Odyssic is in love...

2009-07-28 07:24:39 by Black-Flame

With me... and why not add my Steam ID = BlackFlameNG.
See what I did Black Flame


2009-04-26 07:18:11 by Black-Flame

So, I've recently acquired the Orange Box for Steam (only a tenner!) and I'm looking for anyone to add me. The Steam ID is BlackFlameNG, the same as my gamertag.

Here are some of the games/mods I got.


I <3 Odyssic

2008-07-28 04:48:26 by Black-Flame

He makes me happy when I go to bed.

My Oxegen Experience

2008-07-15 10:15:21 by Black-Flame

I will try to post as much as I can about my experience but I'll probably end up not bothering after a while. Also, ALL of the times are gonna be roughly what I think it was.

9.00 - Wake up after one of the worst nights sleep I've ever had. Don't know if it was anticipation or just the heat of the room but it was shit.

10.00 - Got the bus. Fairly standard

12.00 - They start letting people in but I had trouble getting in because I didn't have ID. I ended up pretending this guy was my guardian and he was sound enough to help me out.

1.00 - We eventually got all that stuff sorted out and finally got in. We lost Leo (that was the guy) on the way in.

1.30 - The Subways start playing at the O2 stage (second biggest one) and let me tell you now, they were fucking crazy. Especially the singer. He jumped roughly 5 foot from the stage onto the crowd. The music was great and the played some stuff from their new album.

2.30 (or something) - Went to a tent called the IMRO New Sounds Stage to see a guy called Arno Carstens. We only saw 20 minutes of him but he was good.

3.15 - We were still at the new IMRO New Sounds stage waiting for a band we'd had been looking forward to. It was Fighting With Wire and they kept talking to the crowd about Rage Against the Machine. The whole crowd (small enough) was completely dedicated and went nuts. Halfway through, some security gaurd stands against the rail RIGHT INFRONT OF ME, obscuring the view of half the band. I had such an urge to give him a box in the crotch.

4.00 - We meet up with a friend who was there for the whole weekend

4.30 - We went to the 2FM New Sounds Stage to see a band called In Case Of Fire. They sounded a lot like Fightstar but were much better. Although, I've had enough of all these bands that have been spawned ever since Muse became big. All sound the same.

5.30 - We went into the pit at the Main Stage for the Kooks. Really, we were just going to wait there all day for Rage. The Kooks were decent but I didn't pay much attention. Just sat down at the back of the crowd and waited for them to end.

6.30 - We leave the pit to get some food. Thought it'd be easy to get into the pit again. I bought a quarter pounder with cheese and 5 doughnuts. Very niiiiice.

7.30 - We went off to the O2 Stage again but this time to see the Republic of Loose. A woman went up on stage, brought her boyfriend up and proposed. It was actually a really touching moment. Instead of rings, they had plecks and she gave him a really nice bass guitar. Obviously, he said yes.

7.45 - The Replublic of Loose started playing. I didn't really know who they were and only went because my friend wanted to go but I'll say I did enjoy them. They wren't my style and I wouldn't listen to them otherwise but the singer was pretty amazing.

8.50 - We head off to the Main Stage to try get into the pit for Rage. The Kaiser Chiefs had just started and as it turned out, they had closed the pit just moments before. Cringe-worthy moment. Once the crowd that was waiting in line to get into the pit realised what happened, it got ugly and several fights with security broke out.

9.05 - At that point I had decided that I was going to risk being near the barrier beside the pit and go see Flogging Molly, my favourite band. They were in the 2FM New Sounds Stage and I was just early enough to get about 6 people away from the barrier. I was actually really close to them. I threw up a small bit before-hand which was probably because I hadn't drank enough water but I felt better afterwards.

9.25 - Flogging Molly finally come on stage and it was the most amazing concert I'd ever been to up to the point. The whole crowd (including me) were huge fans and of course, went absolutely mad. They played some of my favourite songs like The Likes of You Again and Float. The singer really interacted with the crowd between songs and it was just fantastic.

10.00 - I rush out to buy some water and head to the Main Stage to get as lose as I could. Suprisingly, I got to about 10 people away from the barrier. I couldn't see the stage well but there was a huge screen just ahead so it was fine. I met someone who was talking about Flogging Molly and was accepted into his friends as hardy. While we were waiting for Rage Against The Machine, music was being played from the stage. Bohemian Rhapsody came on and the crowd were I was started moshing. Fucking savage.

10.30 - Rage Against The Machine come on, and the whole crowd ignites into a flurry of screaming and maddened activity. Rage start playing Testify and a MASSIVE mosh pit opens up around me. Now, this would have been alright for me normally but I'd like to point out that I had sunburn all over and it extremely painful to touch anything. So, my arms were a cause of HUGE discomfort. I got out of the pit just because it was a bit too crazy. About 8 songs in, I find the mosh pit again only to find it's about twice as big. I decided to jump in because people were pretty tired already. I ended up getting whacked so hard in the nose that my neck felt like it snapped and my nose still has blisters from it.

10.30 - 12.00 - That how long Rage played for and the very last song they played was Killing In The Name Of. Can't remember the song right now, but the lyrics are "All hell, can't stop us now". It felt like the song was addressing the crowd and how crazy we were. I was pretty sure that if any security gaurds had gotten the misfortune to be unprotected, they would have been killed.

12.00 - The whole crowd left singing "Fuck you I won't do what you tell me". I met up with the friend I came with and we went home.

Rage Against The Machine was the BEST concert I have EVER been to. Flogging Molly wasn't even a close but is still my second favourite. If you ever get the opportunity to go see them, PLEASE do. Wont' regret it.

Upcoming games I'm looking forward to

2008-06-08 06:35:49 by Black-Flame

Before I mention the games I want, ENDWAR BETA! IN YOUR FACE!

Fable 2 (first one rocked!)
Gears of War 2 (first one also rocked)
Battlefield: Bad Company (better than your crappy CoD 4 which is just a standard FPS with shiny graphics) GOT IT!
Unreal Tournament 3 (have it on the PC already, want to play with friends/achievements) GOT IT!
Banjo Kazooie (haven't played the others but I love platformers)
Fallout 3 (Bethesda are making it)
CASTLE CRASHERS (we all know why)
Guitar Hero World Tour or Rock Band (depends on which is cheaper at the time)
Too Human (MAYBE)
Infinite Undiscovery (maybe)
Destroy All Humans (probably just rent it)
Fracture (looks like a new Red Faction which I liked)
EndWar (Fucking definetely. The beta is the secks!))
Far Cry 2 (ooh, trees and shit)
Bangai-O (gotta love those Japanese games)
Kingdom Hearts DS (yet again, gotta love those Japanese games)
Pokemon Platinum (heh, those Japs make good RPGs)
Viva Pinata: Trouble in Paradise
Anyone else?

Panic at the Disco

2008-04-13 17:24:53 by Black-Flame

After avoiding and dissing on them and everyone who listened to them for the last two years I regret to say that they kick ass.

Now, lets play some Halo 3.

Madden 08

2008-03-18 17:22:13 by Black-Flame

So, I rented it to see what the big fuss is. Honestly, American football is the slowest, most boring sport ever. It doesn't make much sense either and I played that game for a good 5 hours.

Americans shouldn't be allowed to make sports (except hockey)

Xbox live

2008-02-04 14:38:12 by Black-Flame

As of last Saturday I have over 12,000 and have completed Guitar Hero 3 on Hard.

Games I'm currently playing are:

Call of Duty 4
Guitar hero 3

I'm hoping to get Lost Odyssey this month and Dark Sector next month.

Anyone who's getting TimeSplitters 4 when it comes out leave your gamertag here. WE GOTS TO PLAY!

Call of Duty 4

2007-09-17 09:08:55 by Black-Flame

Can anyone help me clean the disc? I kinda shot on it....

Don't check news post #3

2007-08-20 19:52:05 by Black-Flame

It's just me flaming myself